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How do you think fashion fits into a lifestyle of health and wellness?

I believe that if you look good you feel good. That’s why I think it’s so important for people to make fashion work for them and not try to mold themselves into what they believe fashion should look like. One thing I always say when I teach yoga is “once it becomes uncomfortable make adjustments,” and that goes for fashion too. Choosing my own comfort over what’s trendy is my way of respecting my body and having a healthy relationship with fashion. 

What is your favorite fashion season and why?

Summer is most definitely my favorite fashion season. I love summer fashion because it’s so colorful, lively, and freeing. My summer wardrobe involves lots of dresses, skirts and sandals from my mom’s closet. I think my personality is best expressed through my summer wardrobe more than anything else. No other season compares for me, fashion wise. I do not care one bit about hoodies or sweaters and if I have to put on a jacket, I’d rather stay inside.

What does chasing your dreams mean to you?

To me, chasing your dreams means going after everything I want and believing that I can attain it. It also means encouraging the inner child in me that dreams fiercely and freely without fear of what could go wrong. I’m starting to see some of my dreams come to life right now and it’s such a beautiful thing. It makes me want to keep dreaming and continue to inspire and be inspired by all the other dreamers out there, especially the colored ones who don’t always have the resources to chase their dreams.

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