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Saint Luis

What's the meaning behind 22Disciple?

22Disciple is a reminder of purpose. It actually started out as my pen name rather than a brand. The 22 has multiple meanings. The first meaning comes from a story one of my high school teachers told me. Long story short, she believes the number 222 is symbolic of a positive spiritual energy. Relating back to purpose, one of my callings on this planet is writing for film and television and the average sitcom has a 22 page script. So 22Disicple to me means God's Writer. 

When did you first fall in love with Fashion?

Maybe when I was around 13 or 14. It all started with me reselling and customizing sneakers. It's been an on and off relationship really. I really like to dress well but I also study money management so it's hard to treat myself to some new clothes often. That's actually why I decided to learn how to sew and customize sneakers. I was a bus boy when I was 13 but I only worked weekends so I was barely making a hundred dollars a week. Buying some beat up jordans and bringing them back to life really saved my shoe game. 

What does the future hold for 22Disciple? 

Growth, both personally and professionally. I want to see the brand become a community and a resource for other creatives. I think trying to grow as an artist and grow a brand simultaneously is something that can become overwhelming, so I’m just trying to stay consistent and take it day by day. The future is bright, I have no doubt about it.

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